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Hippie Christ Super⭐ by @zarickett

Rodney and @zarickett have shared space time and time again in the last few years, and it's an understatement to say that our family at Rodney has been inspired by the energy they bring. Despite the distance, with an ocean between our two teams, we were still able to coordinate and manage to release @zarickett 's latest collection of Made in Japan Trucker caps, hand dyed and embroidered by the team at @aoi_industry 

Sitting down with @zarickett, we asked what the inspiration behind this project was and the thought process behind it's very unique social media presence. 

"✨The “Hippie Christ Super★” Series is the return to experimentation and making graphics again after a long time away from it😔.  The idea of working on a trucker 🧢  was something mans always wanted to try.  The process of dyeing trucker caps is an unstable one and hard to retain a uniform colour throughout if you don’t have the right equipment or method.  One thing is for sure, you can’t get that kind of colour from the factory unless you order an infinite amount, something of which I’m not down for✨

✨Crucified on a peace sign, sacrificed for the good times.  I believe it.  I’ll rep it too.  No rain 🌧 , No rainbow 🌈 .  Some may believe that’s my man JC ✝️ on the front suffering on a symbol, but if you look closely mans be relaxing quite nicely with ample space for elbows.  And who said it was JC?  It is and it isn’t.  The Hippie Christ Super★ can be anyone, yourself included my friend👇.  Dawn the cap and become the one by doin right by yourself and the world around you✨

✨As for the 16-bit approach, I’d say creating stuff is just an amalgamation of your beliefs, tastes and likes.  Why not present my fishbowl of a world as a dungeon crawler, wouldn’t life be better that way?  The objective in this life would be clearer anyways.  You’ll see what I want you to see, the highlight reel isn’t real of course.  But real is boring, it doesn’t have to be all there is✨"

Words from owner and operator Mr. Rickett @zarickett



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