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The fascination with Mobile Suit Gundam started with the introduction of an English dub for Canadian broadcasting. We'd rush home from school to sit down with our siblings and cousins to watch Gundam Wing. Of course like any other show, we'd all associate ourselves with one of the main characters, whether you chose Shenlong, Wing Zero, Epion or any of the other suits, you know you were in for an action packed 30 minutes.

Haro is one of the few characters that shows multiple appearances in the Gundam universe, typically associated as a robot pet, introduced in the first series "Mobile Suit Gundam" and later followed the series all the way through to scenes in "Gundam Unicorn." A colourful range of smaller Haros were found in Gundam Seed and accompanied Lacus Clyne, built for her by none other than Athrun Zala. 

Haro holds a dear place in our heart, as do most characters that shed comic relief in tense situations. The Haro pin originally debuted at the Rodney Pop-Up in AW17. The online release is slated for October 22nd 2017 at 10am EST here at Rodneyshop.com

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