915 Dupont St. Toronto, Canada
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Momo Matsuri Poster



  • 13.5 x 10.125 in
  • Luster Photo Paper

    On July 29, 2023 we got all of yall together in one room, technically two rooms (the shop and the cafe) for an event we called "Momo Matsuri" (Peach Festival) The music was curated by friend's of ours, Sakiko Nagai, Mixfoley and Masayuki Tomita. The menu was hand crafted by Chef Katoryo, whom we flew in from Yokohama, Japan. We launched a new collection of Studio Mise gear. And our gracious hosts 915 Dupont (Rooms Coffee) served beverages all day.

    The day had become a core memory for us, and for many of you - the response was phenomenal with so many encouraging messages to have another one soon. Having all of our peers in one room, and all of your new faces really gave us the optic to continue towards our goals. Thank you for being you friends.