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GLHF "Little Tees" Space Fresheners x itsovermatter (2Pk)

The GLHF (good luck have fun) design manifested itself into reality in collaboration with @itsovermatter  / a throw to one of our favourite brand overseas, haveagoodtime, thank you for all of the inspiration you've given both of us as creatives.
As gamers we found that a great way to start a match was to greet your opponent and wish them luck. Internationally, a phrase stuck to the keyboards and voices of all gamers, "good luck have fun / glhf." 
  • 2 pack
  • White Tea and Dior

*To help take care of the print on your garment, we advise washing inside out. To be honest, we do this with all of our clothes, it's a good practice to protect your jawns*

Printed by hand by @lgocrew